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Created 15-Apr-17

04/15/17 Race Car Test Day04/23/17 Test & Tune04/26/17 Take it to the Track05/03/17 Take it to the Track05/05/17 E.T. Series05/06/17 Trench Shoring Services Jr. Drag Racing Series05/07/17 Famous Fadez & Tattz / Vicious Truck Invasion05/09/17 Race Car Test Night05/12/17 Club Clash05/13/17 E.T. Series, Fast 16, Quick 16, Nitro Knockouts05/17/17 Take it to the Track05/20/17 Night of Fire & Thunder DAY RACING05/20/17 Night of Fire & Thunder NIGHT RACING05/24/17 Take it to the Track05/26/17 E. T. Series05/27/17 Sunoco King Street, VDRA, PSCA05/28/17 IDRC Street Tuner Mayhem05/29/17 High School Drags05/31/17 Take it to the Track06/02/17 E.T. Series06/03/17 E.T. Series06/04/17 Mega Mopar Series06/06/17 Race Car Test Night06/07/17 Take it to the Track06/09/17 Club Clash06/10/17 NHRDA Diesels on the Mountain06/11/17 Ford Fest06/16/17 Thunder on the Mountain Day 106/17/17 Thunder on the Mountain Day 260/23/17 Jr Shootout06/24/17 Jr Shootout06/25/17 Trench Shoring Services Jr Drag Racing Series06/28/17 Take it to the Track07/01/17 Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals Day Racing07/01/17 Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals Night Show07/05/17 Take it to the Track07/07/17 R.C. Utility E.T. Series0708/17 E.T. Series, Fastlane Automotive Stick Shift Series, VDRA07/09/17 Colorado Bug-In, Trench Shoring Services Jr. Drag Racing Series07/11/17 Race Car Test Night07/12/17 Take it to the Track07/14/17 Club Clash07/15/17 Street Car Takeover07/28/17 R.C. Utility E.T. Series07/29/17 E.T. Series, Nitro Knockouts, Fastlane Automotive Stick Shift07/30/17 Truck Fest08/4/17 World Series of Pro Mod Day 108/05/17 World Series of Pro Mod Day 208/06/17 MagnaFuel Super Series Jr.'s08/11/17 Club Clash08/12/17 E.T. Quick 16 Fast 16 Fineline08/13/17 Super Chevy Show08/18/17 E.T., PSCA08/19/17 Stick Shift, King Street, PSCA, Pro Street, Titan 1608/20/17 KBPI Rock N' Roll Car Show08/25/17 Club Clash08/26/17 Juniors08/27/17 King Street Stick Shift Juniors09/01/17 Bracketnationals Day 109/02/17 Bracketnationals Day 209/03/17 Bracketnationals Day 309/04/17 Bracketnationals Day 409/09/17 Jr. Drag Racing Series, Pro Street, VDRA09/10/17 Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que Fall Racing Series, Fast 16, Quick 1609/15/17 Grudge Night PSCA09/16/17 Best of Detroit Footbrake Nationals PSCA09/17/17 Motorcycle Challenge, ATV, Titan 1609/20/17 Take it to The Track09/22/17 Club Clash09/23/17 Fall Racing Series, VDRA09/30/17 Fast 16, Quick 16, Top Performer Invitational, Fineline10/1/17 Fall Racing Series, Club Clash Top Performer Invitational, Pro Street10/07/17 Fall Racing Series10/08/17 Bruce Kamada Memorial Bracket  Bash2017 Bandimere Banquet